About VamBha

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To the best of knowledge, VamBha is the world's first dedicated and free to use Telugu programming language. All the keywords in VamBha are pure Telugu words with their meaning aligned with the syntactic meaning. With VamBha, one can perform all the tasks that can be achieved with any known procedural programming language. VamBha can help the novice user to start programming and understand the essence of it, which will in turn help in their logic building. The syntax of VamBha is very intuitive and easy to understand. Therefore, VamBha can be used to imbibe programming knowledge among kids, enthusiasts and non-technical users intuitively.

This site is all about the initial proof-of-concept implementation of VamBha and a platform for users to try and experience VamBha. VamBha is keen to be launched for Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux OS very soon.

For any queries, support or interest to colloborate in any form, please reach out at contact.vamsibhavani@gmail.com

Vamsi Bhavani Pic
Hey, Thanks for showing interest to checkout VamBha by Vamsi Bhavani, first programming language in telugu.